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The Sleeping Giant features Cindy Smartt in her first year as a successful entrepreneur. Ethical dilemmas, passion, faith and her desire to go above and beyond what is asked are the key elements that lead to her success as the sole proprietor of a multi million dollar company.

The Sleeping Giant

By Ken McElroy

Just as it seems that all the media can offer are pronouncements of doom and gloom for the world in general, and business in particular, Ken McElroy provides the work force with a truly inspiring voice of optimism in his fourth book, The Sleeping Giant. McElroy’s, contributors, twenty self-employed entrepreneurs, are well-springs of knowledge, advice, and entrepreneurial inspiration.  Cindy Smartt, president of Smartt Entertainment, Inc., is featured in Chapter 9 – Moral Compass.

Chapter Introduction by Ken McElroy:

Serve first. That’s the mission of Cindy Smartt, but until you read her story, I don’t think you’ll understand the depth of meaning that mission has for Cindy, a woman who saw the shortcomings of an industry and set out on her own to do things differently. She speaks of passion, but I believe her passion is for people – respecting them and caring for them. Even though she works in a high-pressure, high-profile industry with lots of egos, I find it fascinating that she speaks of peace. Her inspiration may ground her, but you’ll find it’s from a higher power.


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