Are your events starting to feel like Groundhog Day?  In today’s world everything is entertainment and entertainment has to be relevant.  Finding fresh new corporate event ideas for your meetings is no longer a luxury, it’s a must!  Health and wellness, corporate responsibility and stealth spending is our driving force when developing new corporate event ideas.

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Featuring entertainment and celebrities at your meetings is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to your attendees, and can easily be transformed into socially responsible programs. Many of our entertainers travel to the conference cities and donate their time to visit hospitals, schools and local charities. Corporations can sponsor these trips, use them as PR opportunities and include their employees in the visits.

One of Smartt Entertainment’s goals is to bridge the gap between entertainment and social responsibility. In doing this, we must be creative, relevant and FUN! We combine celebrities and contestants from Top Chef, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway and Headline Acts with charity and community programs. We teach health and wellness, as well as provide support to those in need. Below are a few ideas that we have crafted specifically for this purpose.

Healthy Cooking with Celebrity Chefs

Imagine the excitement of bringing celebrity chefs to your next event and serving the community at the same time! Our Top Chefs can work with your attendees AND with youth from the community to teach them about healthy eating and lifestyle tips. Corporations can partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, or your company’s favorite charity or civic organization.

Dress for Success with Project Runway

Team up with Project Runway’s favorite designers to discuss style tips and self-confidence with your group. With their own inspirational stories of overcoming adversity to become successful fashion designers, they motivate and inspire. Help the community by joining forces with charities including My Sister’s Closet, YWCA, Salvation Army and Dress for Success. Attendees can bring in gently worn suits and business wear to donate to men and women trying to get back into the work world. Complete the process with complete make-overs to instill confidence as begin their new careers.

Fitness and Exercise with Dancing with the Stars

Dancing can be fun…and great exercise too! Spice up your next event by letting our professional dancers teach your group some new moves while getting their heart rate up at the same time. Bring in groups such as Dancing for the Dream, YMCA, or Big Brother Big Sisters to include the community in learning the how important and fun exercise can be. Top off the night by featuring our professional dancers as a headline act. You can even include kids from the community in the show!

Reaching out with Headline and Specialty Acts

So how can you REALLY use a superstar act to benefit a corporate charity? The band Foreigner recently worked with Dairy Queen to create t-shirts that would benefit Children’s Miracle Network then donated an autographed guitar to their charity auction. The “Miracle Child”, who was in attendance, enjoyed going backstage with her parents and twin sister to meet the rock stars. This experience went above and beyond what they expected in their evening, and brought joy to this very special family. This concept would be perfect as a tie-in with the Make A Wish Foundation.

Last but not least, we love working with Robot Millennia, an automated robot that is very popular with trade shows. The creator’s vision was to create a robot that could work with learning disabled and handicapped children. His program, If You Can Dream, was designed “to inspire and empower students with a desire for employing wisdom to create fresh solutions for a healthier and more harmonious Planet Earth”. He will not attend a corporate event unless he can work with learning disabled and handicapped children, or go to a school or community center in that city.

These are just a few of Smartt Entertainment’s ideas for social responsible programs. Contact us today and let us customize a program specifically for your corporate event!