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Monique Marvez has been featured in several books that examine her career path and give a glimpse into her life. Take a look at two of these publications that feature Monique’s stories.

The Time of Our Lives

By Louise L. Hay

The true experiences that are features in this book, introduced by best-selling author Louise L. Hay, have been culled from some of the most renowned writers and teachers in the fields of self-help, transformation, social consciousness, and spirituality. These are stories reflecting metaphysical miracles, momentous milestones, heartwarming, humorous, and sometimes heartbreaking reminiscences and extraordinarily poignant personal accounts.

In addition, there are many narratives that will actually make you sit back in your seat and exclaim, “Wow!”

As you read this uniquely fascinating book, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and most of all you’ll be reminded that truth is not only stranger than fiction, its infinitely more interesting.

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Breakdown, Breakthrough

By Kathy Caprino

To help mid-life professional women in crisis self-assess and address the sudden realization that their work may no longer be positive, meaningful, or productive to them, psychotherapist and coach Kathy Caprino offers readers a roadmap for overcoming disempowerment and reclaiming both personal strength and trust in themselves. Monique is features in Chapter 11.

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